Five Minute Fiction

Five Minute Non-Fiction

Welcome to the 'NON-fictiony' bit... here you will be able to sample, nay digest the literary delights that have been submitted..

Below is a list of the submissions so far in this catergory and if you click on the title, you will be carried off to the wonderland that is 'Five Minute Fiction' and beyond!

Sleazy Rider By Alex Rowan
Riding with Sonja Redd By Alex Rowan
Feet of Fire By Alex Rowan
Love in a Lapdance Club By Alex Rowan
Viking Biking By AlexRowan
Longest Bike Ride By Alex Rowan
No Boring Roads in New Zealand By Alex Rowan
California Dreaming By Alex Rowan
The Highroads of Ladakh By Alex Rowan
Wheels of Error By Alex Rowan
Farhn, Farhn, Farhn Auf der Autobahn By B J Coupe
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