Tell-tale Tag Lines
A list of literary delights - follow the links to the stories and enjoy!

Story - tag line
  The Author
Two's Up! - Memoirs of a Borstal Boy - Fiction Kris Gray
Bachelor Party : A girl desperate for a date goes to extreme lengths to get one. Will she end up with Mr Right, or Mr Wrong? - Fiction Babz Bell
The Magician : . Fiction Alan Jacobs
Life's Lesson : . Fiction June Fenwick
Winters Tale : Seasonal story of the birth of a child and of the doctor, his great grandfather, who was willing to give up everything for him. Fiction June Fenwick
Summer Hat : . Fiction June Fenwick

The Angel With Whiskers: Premonition or prediction - Was Jayne being warned with a message from 'beyond' about the fate of a friend... Fiction

Babz Bell
Whispers In The Wind : A tale of a lost cat who has a chat with the wind. Fiction Babz Bell
'The Vernwood Tales: 1 - Comfortable  Fiction Noel Rainford
'The Vernwood Tales: 2- Burnin Heart - Detective Jack Daniels has a call from an ex girlfriend who is a psychic. She tells him that she has had a vision of a murder, when it turns out to be another ex girlfriend Jack begins to wonder if someone is trying to send him a message Noel Rainford
The Vernwood Tales: 3 Have A Cigar: Fiction Noel Rainford
'Summer of '69' - Susie wants to commit suicide so she is washing down a bottle full of pills with her favourite vodka. However things don’t go according to plan and she wakes up in a somewhat different world, but very familiar, to the one she left behind. Fiction B J Coupe
Potato Woman Pat's stability of mind takes a downward turn when her mother insists on inviting herself over for dinner. Fiction Babz Bell
Christine's Dream: Fiction Carolyn M Kenney
As Mad As An Estate Agent : Fiction Jason Rowe
Diana's Stars: Dark, apocalyptic tale about mankinds last, best hope for survival... Fiction D. Browning-Saunders

Non Fiction
Farhn, Farhn, Farhn Auf der Autobahn - As an Englishman living in Germany BJ gives us his amusing thoughts on German motorways and German drivers. - Non Fiction B J Coupe
California Dreaming : Biking in Califirnia - Non fiction Alex Rowan
Feet of Fire : Bare feet on a bed of blazing coals... doing the fire walk - Non fiction Alex Rowan
Longest Bike Ride - Non Fiction Alex Rowan
Love in a Lapdance Club - Non Fiction Alex Rowan
No Boring Roads in New Zealand - Non Fiction Alex Rowan
Riding with Sonja Redd: Former Porn star/Adult Entertainer visits the UK - Non Fiction Alex Rowan
Sleazy Rider - Non Fiction Alex Rowan
The Highroads of Ladakh: Crossing the Himalayaas by Indian Enfield... - Non Fiction Alex Rowan
Viking Biking: Biking near the Arctic Circle - Non Fiction Alex Rowan
Wheels of Error - Non Fiction Alex Rowan


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